Richmark Unit Trust Scam Warning

We have been alerted by numerous investors that various individuals have been posing as “Unit Trust Fund Agents for Richmark” and offering victims seven-day investment opportunities.

Please be aware that these individuals have no affiliation with Richmark whatsoever, even though they have been posting links to Richmark’s website on Facebook and have been known to use the Richmark logo as their profile pictures in Whatsapp.

Richmark is in the process of investigating the matter. It has been reported it to the authorities and relevant social media administration bodies, and we are working on having the relevant contact numbers blocked.

Please alert Richmark if any individual claiming to be a Unit Trust Fund Agent makes any attempt to get in touch with you.

Welcome to Richmark Holdings

Richmark is an investment holding company focusing on innovative business opportunities.


Create new business opportunities

Adapt and change swiftly

Discover emerging talent

Inspire, develop and reward

Give back to society

We leverage our existing network of business contacts to promote a well-diversified investment portfolio.

What we do


Providing competitive and flexible pricing options for mobile phones, physical and virtual pre-paid starter packs and recharge vouchers, post paid cellular contracts, and data services across Southern Africa.


Our diversified property portfolio is managed and maintained to the highest world class standards and includes prime commercial and industrial manufacturing facilities in secure locations.

Commercial Services

Richmark provides a host of commercial services across various sectors of the South African economy including aviation, exhibitions and events, financial services, insurance, motor dealerships, outsourced support services, retail stores, secure vault storage and turnkey retails solutions.

Markets we serve

Our strategy is to grow a portfolio of equity investments in the telecommunications, property and commercial services sectors of the economy that will generate above average returns on capital for the company’s stakeholders.

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