Distribution and Logistics

Supply Chain Solutions Group

Supply Chain Solutions Group

Supply Chain Solutions Group (SCSG) is a small, focused consulting group specialising in the distribution and supply chain industry. With extensive operational and analytical experience we excel at creating value for our clients through cost having and service improvement initiatives. We focus on using data visibility and key performance metrics to drive change in an organisation. This is done by doing a current status analysis and generating a GAP Analysis to value the size of the possible improvement. We then get strategically involved, to drive the process to ensure that we deliver the improvement.


Tightline Fisheries

Tightline Fisheries (T.L.F) was established in Margate, KwaZulu-Natal in 1991. From the humble beginnings of a retail outlet, T.L.F has become a large and diverse organization yet, has remained privately owned allowing T.L.F to adapt quickly and efficiently to the changing needs of the consumer market. As a family owned and run business, T.L.F’s values include : flexibility, hands on interest, adaptability and making sure our customer’s expectations are met. T.L.F is now a large distribution company, wholesaling seafood, as well as a comprehensive range of restaurant and catering related products. Distributing to schools, hotels, casinos, restaurants and leading retail stores, to name a few. 27 years of being in the seafood industry has allowed T.L.F to diversify in operations, this diversification encompasses all that we do: catching, importing, processing and distributing on both an import and export basis.

Website: tightline.co.za

Titeline Salta

Tightline Salta

Tightline Salta, a different Kind of Seafood Store. Customers can browse our retail section, order freshly prepared sushi, enjoy an icy cocktail or perhaps a much-needed coffee, learn how to best fillet a fish, dine in and experience a dish off our Chef’s menu…all within a beautifully designed and appointed space. For those customers who prefer to order in, we have a dedicated delivery team member standing by.

Website: tightline.co.za/salta



Premium merchant of sustainably sourced, grass-fed & hormone-free meat.

Website: instagram.com/tylers_butcher


Futurama Seafood Processing

Futurama 135cc is a South African seafood processing plant established in 2002 in Margate, Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa.

With 16 years of seafood processing experience, Futurama has grown from a modest prawn and calamari processing plant into one of the largest crustacean processing and frozen seafood packaging factories in South Africa, operating 24 hours a day.

Website: tightline.co.za/futurama/
Email: manager@tightline.co.za
Telephone: +27 39 315 7884


Kingfish Enterprises

Our objective as the first major farmer in South Africa of Yellowtail Kingfish and Kob is to deliver a year round supply of sustainably produced high quality product.
We will deliver to both the South African and export markets from mid-2021, reaching full production in 2022.

Website: k-fish.co.za
Telephone: +27 82 806 2624