Turnkey Solutions

Linear Management Systems

Linear Management Systems are fully dedicated to assisting their clients in managing their security service providers. By improving service efficiency and deploying security resources effectively we ensure that our clients receive
the best service with the goal of achieving 100% service delivery in their area of operations.

Website: linearmanagement.co.za
Telephone: +27 10 746 19147
Email: info@linearmanagement.co.za

The Good Drone Co

A premier drone retail store, offers an extensive range of drones, spare parts, and accessories to cater to the needs of drone enthusiasts 
and professionals alike. The Good Drone Co stands as a trusted destination for all things drone-related. With a vast inventory encompassing the latest advancements, customers can explore an array of cutting-edge products from renowned brands such as DJI and ARACE.

Website: thegooddroneco.co.za
Telephone: +27 10 746 1915
Email: info@thegooddroneco.co.za

UAV Industries

UAV Industries has a simple vision: “To become the standard for safe and legal drone operations in Africa”. UAV Industries’ founders and staff have vast experience in both aviation and technology. In bringing these two spheres together, we are at the forefront of creating a comprehensive digital platform to allow for the seamless integration of training, flight planning, legal requirements, drone management and more.

UAV Industries was one of the first companies in Africa to have both a certified drone training school and a drone operators certificate. Our accreditation gives the necessary feedback between operations and training.

Website: flyuavi.co
Telephone: +27 87 095 1892
Email: info@flyuavi.co


SSG offers an integrated approach to providing a broad range of outsourced services to clients to enable them to focus on their core business. Security services provided to clients include guarding, surveillance, reaction units, forensic investigations, risk assessments, event management and access control.

Facilities Management services include property portfolio management, office layouts and designs, landscaping, gardening, cleaning, hygiene and pest control.

Website: www.ssgsa.co.za
Telephone: +27 11 518 3600