About us

Investment strategy


Richmark is an investment holding company focusing on innovative business opportunities in the telecommunications, property and commercial services sectors of the economy. We strive to generate superior returns for all stakeholders.


With strong executive teams and vast experience, Richmark is dedicated to developing already established companies within the markets in which we operate. We actively engage with our teams to provide strategic guidance to fast track high growth potential initiatives. We apply a hands-on investment approach where necessary to assist with commercial activities and operational efficiencies. We leverage our existing network of business contacts to promote and enhance a well-diversified investment portfolio.


Our employees and partners are our greatest asset and our Chairman, Gavin Varejes, often reminds us: “We invest in people, not companies”. Richmark is committed to sustainable economic development in the communities in which we serve and operate, and looking after the welfare of the charitable organisations that we support.


  • Innovative ideas are essential in a rapidly changing and evolving business environment.
  • The ability to create new business opportunities unlocks huge potential that might otherwise remain unutilised.
  • Adapt and change swiftly in order to implement new ideas and gauge their effectiveness.
  • Discover emerging talent in the communities in which we serve and operate.
  • Inspire, develop and reward employees to get the best results for everyone involved.
  • Give back to society and support initiatives that address real and prevalent needs.


“We invest in people, not companies” - Gavin Varejes.